Noblelift 2023 Global Sales & Marketing Summit came to a perfect conclusion, and the 8 brand-new products unveiled for the first time at the event are now officially on the market! These products have undergone comprehensive upgrades in terms of appearance, performance, operational experience, energy efficiency, and reduced consumption. They fully demonstrate Noblelift’s ability to achieve continuous technological innovation through independent research and development, redefining the development landscape for the two important types of material handling equipment: Counterbalanced Forklifts and Reach Trucks.

Now, let’s take a look at these products

Pantograph Reach Truck RT15/20SP & RT15DP

The compact structural design allows for easy operation in narrow aisle and addresses the challenge of accessing inner pallet positions. It features dual foot pedal mode, deceleration when turning, proportional lifting, anti-fall protection in case of power failure, one-touch leveling, lifting with front and rear movement cushioning, redundancy sensing, and more. Combined with robust and reliable mast and scissor, spacious and comfortable driving space, a user-friendly integrated single-hand control handle, and high-power, high-capacity premium specifications, it ensures a safe, comfortable, and efficient operation throughout the entire process.

Ride on Counterbalance Forklifts CBT15

As the ideal partner to the pantograph reach truck, it offers the same level of safety features, driver space, and operational modes, while providing superior maneuverability with better pass ability and a smaller turning radius compared to traditional counterbalanced forklifts. It can easily navigate in and out of containers, as well as operate flexibly in narrower aisle and between racks.

Order Pickers OPH12

With its compact design, it efficiently handles goods sorting in narrow aisle of 1.3 meters wide. The vehicle’s ergonomic design ensures simple and quick operation. While equipped with safety and user-friendly features, it also incorporates a lifting, traveling and load linkage system. This system intelligently controls the maximum lifting height based on the weight of load and adjusts the vehicle’s maximum speed in real-time according to the lifting height, providing all-around protection for the driver’s safety.

C Series short-wheelbase counterbalanced forklift

The newly launched cushion forklift contains the three-wheel drive FE3D16/18/20C and the four-wheel drive FE4C25/32 model. Compared to traditional counterbalanced forklifts, its shorter chassis and smaller turning radius make it suitable for material handling and stacking in narrow indoor spaces. The unique design ensures a compact structure while providing ample operating space and excellent vehicle safety and stability. Equipped with a high-power motor as standard, and with a variety of battery capacities options, the C Series cushion forklift meets the needs of various working conditions

G-series high-performance forklifts FE4P30/35G

While maintaining Noblelift’s design style, this new product line breaks away from tradition. It includes the base model GB, the permanent magnet synchronous model GY, the high-performance model GH, and the top-of-the-line GY high-voltage lithium-ion model. It redefines the next generation of electric forklifts, competing with internal combustion forklifts in terms of efficiency, power, and reliability. Equipped with an high efficient electric motor, it surpasses internal combustion forklifts in terms of travel speed, lifting speed, and climbing ability. The lithium-ion intelligent cloud platform continuously monitors battery performance during operation. The advanced AI safety system constantly evaluates potential risks during operation, ensuring both efficient vehicle performance and operational safety.

N Series FE4P60/70/80N

A truly significant addition to the large-tonnage counter-balanced forklift category, it sets new standards in innovation, appearance, efficiency, comfort, and safety. Designed specifically for industries with demanding transportation requirements, its robust and streamlined design, optimized structure, excellent overall stability, and outstanding power allow it to easily handle large-tonnage cargo while ensuring minimal energy consumption. It can replace traditional large-tonnage internal combustion forklifts, creating a green working environment with low noise and zero emissions while guaranteeing efficient operations. Equipped with a lithium-ion intelligent cloud platform, it continuously monitors battery performance during operation, and an AI imaging system minimizes visual blind spots for large vehicles, enhancing safety.

Noblelift has defined Year 2023 as the ‘Year of Comprehensive Innovation’ and has effectively introduced a series of new products that leading the industry. In the future, Noblelift will continue to uphold the spirit of ‘Innovation, Breakthrough, and Surpass,’ with customer satisfaction as the foundation and market demand as the guide. Noblelift will continuously enhance its technological research and development, consistently improve its core product competitiveness, and assist customers in achieving more convenient, efficient, and intelligent material handling solutions.