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Future is Lithium

What you get when invest in a truck with lithium battery:

Lithium batteries have significantly longer life time in comparison with lead-acid or AGM solutions. You will need to buy several lead-acid batteries to achieve the same life-time as lithium battery has.

You start to save on maintenance from the first day and eventually pretty soon total cost of ownership (TCO) for lithium is getting lower than lead-acid battery, not even to mention internal combustion trucks.

No need to purchase second battery for intensive work as you have fast charging option available. You can get your battery charged in about 2 hours.

Charge any time as long as you can, opportunity charging doesn’t affect the battery’s performance.

Improve you safety: lithium batteries don’t create evaporation of hydrogen and remove inflammable gas related hazards. More environmental friendly in operation cycles.

Lithium batteries can be equipped with additional features: on-board diagnostics, integrated heating etc.

How the safety is ensured:

Noblelift is using lithium batteries only with stable LiFePO4 chemistry, which not only provides long life-time, but also safe in use. The performance of batteries and work of safety functions, such as over-discharging, over-charging, over-temperature, under-temperature, cells dis-balance, etc are realised by means of Battery Management System, which is constantly monitoring the status of the battery.

Where is the future:

As car industry is moving to lithium, material handling equipment is transforming in the same direction. At he current stage lithium superseding not only lead-acid and AGM solutions, but also internal combustion trucks. In order to be on a cutting edge – consider our lithium options for all the trucks in model range today!